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Katie’s Komets is a co-ed wheelchair basketball team for youth with lower limb impairments from Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Our athletes have varying disabilities, yet they all find a common purpose and a home within our community and each other. 

We strive to create a positive atmosphere where we can foster independence, self-confidence, and emotional and social well-being. Watching our athletes grow and mature, both on and off the court, makes everything we do worth it. Several of our athletes have gone on to play in college, some have Paralympic dreams, some come for the friendships, and some come back to coach; regardless of why the kids come or how long they stay, they all leave with a lifelong bond to the Komets!  

Adaptive sports give children with physical disabilities opportunities to engage in sports at a competitive level while focusing on skill and character development. Our athletes have opportunities that would not otherwise be open to them without the sport; college scholarships, mentorships, friendships, and physical activity.  

The experiences our athletes have are priceless and life-changing.



The Junior Division for the NWBA is comprised of over 80 teams from all across the U.S. competing in the Prep and Varsity levels of play.Heading 3


The Junior Prep Division provides the opportunity for all players age 13 and under to experience the sport of wheelchair basketball using a basket height of 8.5 feet.


The Junior 10 foot (Varsity) Division uses full size basketball courts and hoops. This level typically introduces advanced skills to the athletes. Athletes are eligible to a maximum age and must be in school


Katie's Komets is always looking for new players. Contact us to find out how to join us.



The founders of Katie's Komets are Joe and Roseann Kirlin. They founded the Katie Kirlin Fund in memory of their daughter, Katie Kirlin. Joe and Roseann have helped physically challenged athletes and their families by providing financial support, that fosters participation in wheelchair sports for children in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. To find out more about the Katie Kirlin Fund, click on the icon provided

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